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January 5, 1919 - Under the initiative and encouragement of the then Priests of the city, Don Enrique Pérz Thous and  Rafael Villanueva Ferrandis, is convened and meets in the local board granted by the Church - an assembly of farmers. After the explanatory statement by the Reverend priest and the involvement of almost everyone in attendance, it was agreed the constitution of the Agricultural Catholic Sindicte of Algemesí, also approved its Rules and its elected and appointed representatives. The constitutional act was signed by 34 members present. At the end of the year, the number of partners was 1557, almost one third of the agricultural population of Algemesí.

On February 13, 1919 - The activities of the Section of the Savings and Credit Union started and agreed on various loans. The first to provide the necessary capital for such loans were the President of the Don Jose Machí Carrasco and the Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, José Belenguer García. At the end of the year 591 loans had been granted.

On February 18, 1919 - It was agreed the first purchase of fertilizers, gained credit through the Valencian Federation of Agricultural Unions.

On February 27, 1919 - It was agreed to hold meetings of the Board "every Tuesday of the year" rule that, excepting some cases, remains today.

On March 2, 1919 - In one of these boards and in response to the abuse and exploitation to which agricultural workers were subjected to, the union prepared a tariff of wages for the different tasks in the fields, which is unanimously accepted by workers and employers .

On March 9, 1919 - It was agreed the second purchase of fertilizers, this time with a considerable volume (400,000 kg) After this, it is decided to charge 1% levy on all goods in order to form a fund for land acquisition and subsequent distribution by lot among the laborers who had no ownership.

On May 4, 1919 - It was agreed to reward the services of an administrative-accounting-teller, who will be the first employee of the union. Today the Supply and Services section employs around 2,000 people in the campaign.

On November 5, 1919 - It was agreed to create a consumer section to supply items to the partners. Six years later it was dissolved. Today in Section Supply and Services, partners with a supermarket.

On December 5, 1919 - The Union celebrated its first General Assembly after its foundation. Among others, they agreed the contribution of one million kilos of rice, by the partners to the Valencian Federation of Agricultural Unions, for cooperative marketing arrangements and identifying the partner Don Bernardo Girbés Naval, to be a member of the Board of the Federation.